Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Salem County Resident #4

cow by lori levin
First Impressions Gallery
Salem County Resident #4
8 x 8
oil on canvas

Last year I did three little paintings of some local bovines here in Salem County. I had a fourth started and then I became ill and did not finish it. Now that I am working again I am taking great pleasure in finishing things I started and cleaning up old business. The three cow paintings are now for sale at First Impressions Art Gallery. (Yes, that's me in the group photo of all the artists showing at the gallery.) The fourth, as seen above, is about to be framed to match the other three and is available for sale from my studio. Each is framed and is $125.00. My plan is to create small gift items like coasters and such from the images for my booth at next year's CPL Cow Bingo. I'm planning way ahead!

I'm getting very excited about CPL's Wine auction on December 1st. Janie, a wonderful volunteer for CPL was kind enough to come out to the studio and pick up "Ripening Fruits" for the special night. Gracie, Soulful Studios official greeter, was so happy to have visitors and took full advantage of the opportunity. We also decided to have some signed prints available at the auction as well. I think that is a great idea. $20 of the proceeds will go to CPL. It is a black tie affair however; everyone is supposed to spice up their attire with a fanciful dog collar. I have to get on the ball and make something special for the occasion. Gosh, I need a dress too. That may be my only piece of clothing without oil paint on it.

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Scott Fertig said...

Nice cow. Are those cow paintings in the photo on the previous post yours?