Thursday, March 06, 2008

Don't Look Back Or You'll Trip

Penn Beach by Levin "Morning at the River"
graphite sketch in moleskine

My previous post was about not looking ahead too much into the future. This entry is about not looking back. As I took my morning stroll through Riverview Beach Park I was thinking about how I used to run that path with relative ease and now walking feels like I'm carrying someone else on my back. Maybe that is exactly what I was doing by thinking that way. Could I be carrying the old me on my shoulders as I go? As I thought about what I used to be able to do I wasn't letting in the happiness of what I was doing right at that very moment. Just as I came to my senses I tripped (gracefully, wink-wink) and made quite the show for the dog behind the fence watching me. (I gave my partner Miss Gracie the day off.)

Yeah, I've mentioned before about living in the moment but golly (insert expletive here) it is tough. Sometimes it seems to be more fun to think and talk about what was or what could be. Basically I think it can be destructive but so tempting.

So if you see me in the park stumbling along tell me to straighten up and pay attention to now. Ha! Also, tie my shoe for me because it is just too hard to bend over and do it myself. Thanks.

I haven't forgotten about posting my new projects, I've just been too lazy to photograph them. I'll get on the ball I promise.

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