Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dog Portrait - Black Lab Puppy

Dog Portrait by Lori Levin Custom Pet Portrait
oil on canvas

Last night's "Yappy Hour" hosted by Canine Partners for Life was a success. I bought my share of puppy kisses from two future service dogs that were too cute and cuddly. A special surprise was in store for me when my dear friends Vicki Nixon and her husband Brian showed up not only to support CPL but to include their friend Jen who is a shinning star. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet her. I was very touched that my friends cared enough to support something with me that I believe in and help me spread the word. Animals and nature hold the keys to what is right in this world and I feel this organization stands for that. That in a nutshell is what my art is all about.

The above painting is a gift for someone special so I cannot give you the name of this dog but I can tell you he is precious. Generally, I don't do my dog portraits from puppy pictures as the personality is not as easily visible as when they are older. However, in this case, this canine is full of love and joy and I think the portrait shows that. Painting the colors of black was also enjoyable. Can you believe that no black paint was used to create those colors? That would be just too easy.

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