Friday, June 06, 2008

The Relationship of Trees

tree drawing by Lori Levin "The Relationship of Trees"
sketch in moleskine

There are only about 3 pages left in this moleskine sketchbook. This probably has been my favorite sketchbook ever and the only one I ever completely filled all the pages. It seems very fitting.

Out and about in my car, I stopped to sketch these trees touched by sunlight in a very densely wooded area. It struck me how they were rooted together and moved toward and away from each other, while both growing towards the light. It reminded me of human relationships. Yes, there I go anthropomorphizing everything again. Sometimes this pairing works and other times it does not. I think the survival of the trees depends on the fact that they both grow in the same direction, without overpowering the other and blocking the light. That is truly profound. However, just when you thought it was simple, I would like to mention the issue of disease and termites. Nothing is ever clear cut.

This coming Wednesday is a Canine Partners For Life "Yappy Hour" in Wilmington. Click here for more details. I will be there and will write more on this next week.

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