Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Again

Fort Mott by Lori Levin "Running Dry"
sketch in moleskine

Last Friday I spent time near Fort Mott sketching one of the marsh areas I frequent. Due to lack of rain the water level was low and the view seemed rather somber to me. As I sketched, I felt myself feeling more down and frustrated inside, instead the typical excitement of doing my graphite sketches. It occurred to me that much like the little stream, my energy levels were running dry. My summer of fun, though wonderful, is now starting to take its toll.

What I wonder now is did I pick that scene or did it choose me? I was not aware of my feelings until I put pencil to the paper. Nothing in life is happenstance. This I am certain. Something drew me there to help me see myself. It is that ability to look more deeply that makes Soulful Studios what it is. I meant what I said in the title of this blog, this is more than just pet portraits.

My next post will show the progress of the magazine cover. Stay tuned.

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KleoPatra said...

i always feel icky and out of sorts when i'm at a waterway that is lacking water... i know how you felt. Hard to describe but it's not pleasant. You managed to make quite a portrait of what is there to be captured... sans the H20. Still a great sketch.