Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Horse Art: Progress of "The Veil"

horse art by Lori Levin Cow Bingo, the Canine Partners event, was a success. I met lots of nice folks that came out to meet me and see the art for the Pet Companions Magazine cover. The bovine pooped resulting in a win of $5,ooo to the lucky ticket holder. I also got to meet Mike and Dansko who are the subjects of "Partners" and give them a copy of the print. You can check out my new Soulful Studios site to see the image and purchase your own print or card. Events like this give me a chance to hear what people think about my art. The greatest compliment was when someone said "Partners" made them think of 9/11 and of the great partnership of humans and animals. That is just the comment I was hoping for. I sold many prints and cards and was really pleased with the day.

I'm gearing up for the Greenwich Artisans' Faire on Sept. 27th and 28th and that requires a lot of preparation. However, I am taking time to work on my fine art horse painting called "The Veil". Currently I'm working on the basic tones and overall feel of the piece and leaving the details and exciting brushwork for the very end. Usually I can't wait that long and get to the texture first. This habit can lead to an overworked or under thought out painting so I'm being patient. I want it to have a similar look to that of "The Freshmen" that I painted a few months ago. If you look closely at the above photo you can see that painting behind "The Veil". Emotion is really being poured into this oil painting, I hope it is obvious to the view in the end.

I've had some really good feedback on my new site. Please help me out and let me know what you think. Feel free to tell me not only things you like but things that you do not. This will serve to help me greatly with its development.

Tomorrow I need to begin the pet portrait of a Golden Retriever named "Buster". He is not a smiley dog and really has quite a sad look on his face. This dog portrait will show him as the dirty, messy dog he is complete with fur tangle by the sea and sand. Stay tuned for that.


PhotoJoe said...

Wow, I love, love, LOVE this one! Believe it or not, I may "borrow" your idea for a bridal portrait. Thanks for being so clever. I so admire clever people!

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Thanks Joe though I'm not sure I deserve the applause on this one. My friend Jennifer from CPL took the photo that I used to create this piece. However, I'm so glad it sparked you to think of some ideas! Back at ya my friend.