Friday, September 12, 2008

New Pet Portrait Site Launched

Soulful Studios Home Page

It's official. The new site for Soulful Studios has been launched. Though it went live a few days ago, it still had some "birthing pains" (thanks Denise for that descriptor), I believe now it is ready for the public. You can see that the new site has a new look an layout as well as some new features.

Soulful Studios now has a section where you can purchase cards and prints directly online using the security of PayPal. I've started with just a few options there but in time the selection will grow. Portions of the sales of these items will go to Canine Partners for Life or Search Dog Foundation. You can read more about this on my Giving Back page.

Also available now is the access to my schedule. There is a specific page dedicated just to where you can see my art or have a chance to meet me. Remember that tomorrow (Saturday) I will be selling prints, cards and more at CPL's Cow Bingo. Please pray that the rain stops as the event is rain or shine!

Something that is really neat is that the most recent entry of my blog can be seen directly from the website so that you don't have to go to multiple places to find it. If you want to visit old posts you can click on the link at the top or the bottom of the Daily Journal page and do it from there as well.

My pricing is the same but my order form has been updated. The section about my background has some new information too. The great thing is that Websketching made it possible for me to update the site myself so that I can continually add content. Let's face it, Google likes that. That will help me with better visibility on the web. One area that I will add more information is the Inside Soulful Studios section. There I will share more of the business side of my art as well as some things I just don't share on my blog. This will give you just one more reason to bookmark my website and visit often.

Another area that will change in the future is the addition of writings about the background of each commission that I do. That will be found as added content when you click on each pet portrait image to see it in a larger version. Within the coming weeks I will focus on one portrait at a time and give some interesting details about it that helped me do the piece. Of course I will also add more dog and horse portraits as I do them. My fine art is available online as well and will be updated with each new piece I complete.

Finally, don't forget the opportunity to win a free giclee (that's a fine art print folks) by yours truly through the website. Currently you can sign up to win prints of my Salem County Resident series but I believe that may change soon to the Farmers Market series.

Oh, before I forget, I've been asked how to get a copy of Pet Companions Magazine where my painting "Partners" is the cover art. You can do so by visiting their subscription info page or by emailing . It is available free in stores throughout Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

I look forward this week to getting back to the art of making art. So much of my time lately has been on marketing which always leaves me feeling like I've ignored my child. "The Veil" is coming along nicely and I hope to share the progress with you next week.

Hope to see you at my booth tomorrow!

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