Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Time

Drawing of Geese by Lori Levin
Graphite Drawing of Geese by Lori Levin
Drawing of Geese in Moleskine by Lori Levin "Family Time 1, 2 and 3"
sketches in moleskine

I'm working out some ideas for the painting of geese I've been commissioned to do. These little sketches are currently being turned into small acrylic studies that I will show and sell in galleries. The person commissioning the work will be able to pick what they like to be blown up for the final painting which will be rather large. It will be hard for me not to choose for her. Normally I wouldn't give this many options but each grouping has significant meaning to the client so I want her to pick what moves her most.

What fascinates me is how the images in my work always seem to reflect what is going on in my life. I've never really done a piece about family but right now this is the focus of my art. Since the summer began my days have been filled with "family" and all the good and the bad that goes with it. There is no doubt I am certainly not bored or lonely this summer.

Actually, I doubt I will ever be lonely again. Are you asking why? Well, the Friedman family just adopted a small dog from SOS Dog Rescue. His name is Brady and he is all things "love". There's lots to tell here with this story! Do you want to know more? I guess you will just have to come back to Soulful Studios to get the scoop.

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