Monday, July 20, 2009

The Veil

Equine Art by Lori Levin
"The Veil"
oil on canvas

When I left Pennsville this painting was sitting on my easel waiting to be finished. The new studio was built and other works took precedence. Finally, last week I was able to put the finishing touches on the piece. The emotions that I had about the oil painting still held true at the finish. Often we hide behind things or adornments when trust is an issue. Sometimes this affects our approachability. Other times nobody notices. Everyone does it to some extent. What is the veil that you wear?

Currently I'm working on some studies for an unusual pet portrait. Soon I'll share those with you. Soulful Studios is now being requested to paint geese of all creatures! I'm enjoying this project very much. I have other pet portraits waiting in the wings once I get these small paintings worked out. Also, I would like to add to my array of equine art. Oh and then there are the bunnies, the birds and so many other things I want to paint. No more time for typing, I have to get that paint brush in my hand.


PhotoJoe said...

Wow! Lori, dear, your animals are as expressive as any human subject I've ever shot. Sometimes more so!

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Joe, that means so much coming from you! Thank you!'re recent photo posts are outstanding!