Friday, November 05, 2010

Mixed Signals

dog portrait in oil by Lori Levin
"Socks, Sage and Reno"
oil on canvas
private commission

Walking down my street earlier in the week I noticed a few brave branches of forsythia blooming as well as some other non-seasonal treats. Fall is here but the weather plays games with the temperature making not only humans but nature confused on what to wear. I used to think that only mankind twisted things but after my stroll I decided nothing is immune to mixed signals.

Nothing is ever clear cut. Going with the flow is important but getting swept up in inconsistency can often lead to no good. Ask those little spring like flowers about it after the next few near freezing nights. They'll tell you they wished they waited to make sure the warmth was status quo and not happenstance.

The above dog portrait in oil has nothing to do with happenstance. The conversation between the dogs and the viewer is quite deliberate. Depending on your relationship or knowledge of their personalities the story will change. Oh, perhaps Soulful Studios just made a deceptive statement. Maybe the background story would change your experience? Mixed signals indeed.


Cape Coop said...

Wow, you came through with the goods on this one! Now, to mix your own custom nontoxic paints for the next one- LOL!

margo said...

Lovely job! Some of them are just so memorable!

Anonymous said...

Lori, is the middle one a Ridgeback? Love the finished painting...

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

You are so right Rebecca and thank you.

Thanks Margo!

Yes, the middle is a Ridgeback and the one on the couch is as well but not show quality. Thank you.

Artist said...

beautiful painting! i can sit hear and look at it all day! lots of details indeed! i think the colors you used help create the homey warm feel to this piece! great job!