Monday, January 24, 2011

How Long Is Too Long

Fine Art by Lori Levin "Icy Edge"
Acrylic on Panel
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My last blog post discussed fear, the difficult times we all face and how this artist deals with these feelings. This touched a lot you and I received many email responses. Many were like Ivana's, who left a reply, saying sometimes her art takes her out of the depths but other times it is just easier to keep falling. I relate to this very much.

I'm always fighting myself. Sometimes I feel I must push forward and not allow anything negative to stay around long. Other times I just let it happen and practically bathe in it. It is really hard to know which path to choose and how long is too long to be unproductive or down.

Personally I try just to learn something from those moments and focus on the lesson. That way, whether I push or fall, I come away richer for the experience. The times that frustrate me most are when I don't learn the lesson. Then the pain must be presented to me again in hopes that I get it this time. I believe that is how the universe works. There are key things we are all meant to learn and we will be faced with them over and over again until we get it right.

The greatest lesson of all is that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. It's easier said than lived. I'll write more on that next time. I look forward to your comments.

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Cape Coop said...

Suffering IS optional and pain is the universe's way of telling us something is not right- for me both kinds of pain, emotional and physical, are a signal that something needs to be addressed in my body or in my mind, and life.