Monday, February 14, 2011

Doberman Dog Portrait - Max and Maya

pet portrait sketch by Lori Levin "Max and Maya"
Custom Pet Portrait
beginning sketch on canvas

Being that it is Valentine's Day I thought I would share the beginnings of Soulful Studios' recent pet portrait. This is to be an oil painting commissioned to show love for another and about love of two beautiful Dobermans named Max and Maya. The care and devotion attached to this piece, coupled with the sculptural beauty of the animals make this so enjoyable for me to create.

The success of my work often depends on a connection I have with the people that commission me as well as the connection I feel with the animal subject. In this case I am moved by both. These two dogs have amazing personalities that compliment each other. Max is regal and far more forthright in his interest to show himself than Maya is. Maya has a stoic nature and uses her thick build only when she has needs to be met. The dog parents take immense pleasure in the antics of these two and the entire group is full of love. I actually used the direction of the dogs' ears to suggest that they are also paying attention to their beloved owners. It is a good compositional tool as well as a way to include everyone in the image, even if it is only known to me (and you).

Our dogs show us love 365 days a year without fail. They do not let a bad day after breaking squeaky toy keep them from expressing their love. They do not wake up and say they feel to fat and ugly to share themselves with us. They always seize an opportunity to cuddle if the desire is there and don't let thoughts of being pushed away earlier in the day stop them. They never worry that other dogs might laugh at their displays of affection nor do they judge another for their efforts. Dogs don't use words; they use action to show their love. Dogs that are treated well just love.

I invite you to spend a day being open with your love like your dog does. Forget about your bad day, it will be there waiting if you want to come back to it. Just love. You might just get a good belly rub out of it.

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