Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Greyhound Dog Portrait - Angel

Pet Portrait "Angel"
Dog Portrait Commission
graphite on archival paper

The more information you give this pet portrait artist the better. When I was first sent photos of Angel, this sweet greyhound, I felt unsure that the photos represented her well. Though she was lovely and gentle, she appeared camera shy. I insisted that the owner take another group of photographs. That group showed her even more coquettish but confirmed that is indeed her personality, ears down and all.

This is a loving gift commissioned by a daughter for her mother. Young women investing in art touches my soul like nothing else. It gives me hope that things made by hand are not lost on the current generation of young adults. Also, I'm reminded that love of one's dog is a truth we all can agree upon.

Often people ask me why I do pet portraits and focus on animals in my art. It isn't that I don't like people or can't paint them. That isn't the case. The real issue for me is when we have a pet in our minds and hearts, all words and judgments cease. We no longer are controlled by voices in our heads or the world. We just have an overwhelming feeling of love. For some people this sensation happens when they listen to music or walk in the woods. I know the truth of love when I look into an animal's eyes. Since one cannot really put the feelings of love accurately into words, creating pet portraits fills that need. That is the idea behind Soulful Studios. Only people that truly know the love of a pet, commission me therefore, I deal with all the best people. How lucky am I?

When are you going to commission your own portrait of love?

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