Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Dog's Life

Hores Landscape by Artist Lori Levin
Yesterday I completed a painting that sat around unfinished for too long. Today I thought I would attack another one. So I pulled out a 24"x12" panel that had been started with a loose landscape and another horse love story. As you can see here it is still very much in the beginning stages. This one is unique in that I was working background to foreground. Usually I work the entire surface at once. This is another one where there is an underlying relationship issue with the horses that I prefer not to spell out too much. Yes, I am always guilty of anthropomorphic comments on my subjects. However, if you know anything about horses you know that their relationships are very important to them. A little secret is I tend to play out some of my relationships in my art and use the horses as the players. Enough said.

While I was busy at work, my dog Gracie was...well...not busy at work. As you can see the photo I took of her disturbed her slumber. Even though it is quite warm in my studio she still likes to curl up tighter than a cat. If she isn't curled up she is barking at me trying to get me to notice her. She is a real beast. We all should enjoy a life like this dog. Maybe I should do a pet portrait of her?! Let's face it, the shoemaker's kids will never have shoes.
Future Pet Portrait

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