Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Artist's Sketchbook

Horses Sketch by Lori Levin
Still working on the piece I showed you yesterday. It is going well. Simultaneously, I am thinking of what horse painting I will start next. I thought it would be interesting to include my thinking process so you could see how an idea develops.

This is a page right from my sketchbook. After I cleaned up my paints I sat down and knocked out this little sketch. Ok...doesn't look like much to you but it is how I think on paper. Working from some photo references I took one summer, 2 miles down the road from me, I played with this idea. At this stage it must be play, with no real consideration for accuracy or structure. The idea is to see if this pulls at my emotions enough to sustain a full painting. The sweeping marks of my pencil and eraser tells me what I want to do with the paint. The direction and the play of dark and light is what I'm after. This has promise believe it or not. Stop laughing.

I think you will see this one sketched out on a panel soon. Stay tuned.

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