Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Love Triangle - A Horse's Tale

Horses by artist Lori Levin
Finally! This painting sat around for weeks only half finished. Today it is pretty much complete minus a touch up here and there and the signature. I never sign anything the day I "finish" for at least a few days so it can "marinate" and I can later look at it with fresh eyes. It keeps me from over-working and over-thinking my art.

"Love Triangle", oil on panel, 12"x9", is an image based off of a series of photos I took a few years ago of some "rough stock" for the local rodeo. Yes...there is a rodeo in New Jersey believe it or not. I used to live two miles away from the pastures where the bucking horses and other stock were kept. These three were always together. The gruella in the back always was trying to get in on the action but never did seem to succeed.

The funny thing about this painting is that for as simple of a piece it is, I had to start it from scratch 3 times before I could work towards the finish. I started it in the beginning of December only to wipe the panel clean twice. 16 hours of work taken off in seconds with a towel. Sigh. I was in a funk, I couldn't paint my way out of a box let alone the likeness of three horses. The "Art Fairies" had temporarily left me. So, I set it aside and came back to it when the funk was over. I wanted to keep it painterly and have it tell its own story without explaining too much. I believe I will do a few pieces like this and save them for the galleries instead of putting them on eBay. Perhaps these will be made into prints as well. Let's just hope the others don't require the use of that towel!

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