Friday, January 13, 2006

Horses for Ebay

Mare and Foal
Friday again!!!! That means it is time to announce my pick for this Sunday's eBay auction. The 14"x11" oil on canvas painting is simply named "Mare and Foal". Please contact me prior to auction for a "Buy It Now" price if you are interested.

"Mare and Foal" is a piece that I did when I used to run my own horse boarding and training facility. This gal and her baby were quite memorable for being a customer's horse and not one of my own. This was this mare's first baby and she was an excellent mom. Not all mares are, believe it or not. Much like people I guess. This little guy was quite large and spunky. I just loved how they would always walk with their heads in line with each other, like they were linked together, as seen in my painting. I also liked that she was an old retired race horse and he was a loudly colored paint. It was a nice contrast.

Oh...Chopper (see previous post) is doing much better. Thank you everyone who sent an email of hope and prayer. It seems he has Lyme's disease. Along with this it also seems they might have missed worms that they tested for. The combination made his blood sample look grim. So, I'll keep crossing my fingers! Thanks again.

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