Monday, January 02, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays Not Getting Me Down

Such a grey Monday and the rain just keeps on coming but inside my studio the sun is shining. Don't hate me because I'm happy because there are days that I am not. However, today is bright despite the lack of sun. Why? First, my eBay auction that ends tomorrow has a bid. This is a repeat buyer...that's a great thing. Second, my horse's eye (the horse in my profile picture) looks really good since his last little infection. Third, I can still walk after today's tough workout.

Today's image is a drawing I did that I am currently selling on eBay. It inspired a later painting that sold on eBay on my birthday. I love this image because of how much I knew this man loved his horse. He is not someone I know well but I knew him enough to know about the bond between him and his equine. That is why I love doing pet portraits. The relationship people have with their four-legged companions always touches me. People glow when they talk about their animals. That is what I like to capture in my animal portrait.

When I'm done my post I will work on a painting of 3 horses I started a few weeks ago. Never had the chance to finish it. Perhaps by this time tomorrow it will be done. That probably will be tomorrow's image. Stay tuned and find out!

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