Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Golden Retriever Dog Portrait

Howdy! I think I will live. Yipeee! Getting stronger every day. I know I'm feeling better because my blank canvas on the easel is screaming to me, "Paint me!"

Please don't forget to bid on my eBay auction for charity!

Things are moving along with my new website. One more month it should be ready and then I will start my quarterly newsletter as well. I'm quite excited.

I have a few commissions going at once right now. I cannot always mention or show them because often they are a surprise gift for someone. This one particular one I can so I thought I would share the process with you. The first photo is the picture the client sent me of their 12 year old Golden Retriever named Summer. She is just a joy as you can see. The second photo is my computer mock-up of what I am going for in the oil painting. I send this to the client for approval. As you can see I opened the eyes a bit and removed a little of the gray around the face. Both give her a younger look without changing who she is. Now I just wish someone would do that for me. Ha!

Today's thank you goes out to Mr. Numpti! Thank you for giving my heart a much needed jolt. No matter what, I'm all the better for it. Here's to being "fantabulous" and coincidence fairies.

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