Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Pet Portraits

Very busy getting ready for the Horse and Pet Expo. I'm quite excited and nervous. I'm a bit behind on my schedule because of my recent case of the flu-bug but I'll "get 'er done"!

Just thought I would share a previous portrait I had done. It was a gift so I could not post it as I was doing it. Sometimes, as in this case, the pet has passed away and good photos are not available. That is when I depend on the "art fairies" to step in and help me create something from nothing. The dog's name is Holden and he lived to a good age and was well loved. I was honored to draw him.

It is my ultimate goal to capture the soul of my subject as well as the likeness. My clients wouldn't come to me if all I did was reproduce a photograph. They could have those done at their local drugstore. Only when I am able to do that do I feel that I did my job well. My portraits are not only about painting animals but helping people find closure or giving them something that honors how they feel about their pet. This is why I do it and love it so much.

A quick thanks to the folks at . I messed up my order and called 12 hours later to change it. They were so kind and happy to do so and so pleasant to talk to. This meant so much to me because I was worried that I would not have what I needed for the expo. They put my mind at ease. On the flip side I did some business with someone today that made me sorry I ever handed over my credit card. Let's hear it for good old fashioned customer service!

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Pet Portrait said...

For some people, they consider their pets are like members of their family. They treat them well. That's why when there pets passed away, they often feel sad. I admire your work so much. You can help them a lot in finding closure for their lost pets.