Friday, March 10, 2006

Ebay Friday - Kissing Tomatoes

Red Tomatoes by Levin
EXPO DAY!!! Getting my usual Friday blog in early (6AM to be exact) so that I can spread the good cheer of Soulful Studios to the good people at the Fort Washington Center. Ha! It occurred to me that a wise person would have created this entry days ago when she was not so pressed for time and just post it when it was needed. Well, I just set myself up there for some good ribbing but what else is new. Actually, I like my blogs to be spontaneous so that you can get the sense of what I'm feeling at the moment. It is Soulful Studios after all.

This Sunday's eBay auction is called "Kissing Tomatoes". I originally painted a still life where the tomatoes were just one small part of the set up. As I painted their passage in this larger work, I realized there was a much more intimate painting here. So, I immediately set up another canvas and feverishly went to work on this tight crop of these bold and very red little fruits. I loved their graphic quality and how they were so "close" to each other. (I don't get out much.) This oil on canvas is 7"high and 5" wide. Don't forget to contact me if you would like to purchase this before I upload it to eBay.

Today's thank you goes out to a feisty woman at the craft store. In my pre-show panic I was having trouble framing a certain painting and this woman gave me framing solutions even though I was not purchasing anything. On top of that we had a lovely conversation the ended with her offering to show my promotional cards to someone that would want a pet portrait. There was nothing in it for her. Her good spirit and kindness calmed me down and really made me feel good. These type of people still exist in case you lost hope!

Have a great weekend and I'm sure I'll have much to say about the Expo next week!

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