Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Horse and Pet Expo

Mare and Foal by Levin
A very quick post to let you know that I'm buried in work getting things prepared for my booth at the Horse World Arena at the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo at the Fort Washington Center. It is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click on this link to read more about it and to print out a coupon for the event. Please come and visit me if you can. One of my framed drawings will be auctioned there as well. I am bringing 6 framed paintings and 1 framed drawing for sale there. My note cards will also be available. As a special incentive I will hand out postcards of my work that have a coupon on the back, good towards $25 off a future commissioned work.

This is the drawing that will be for sale at the Expo. "Momma Nose" is a graphite on paper, 11" high by 14" wide. It is behind glass, double matted with a beautiful cherry colored frame. I have held onto this one because I cannot bare to let it go. This mother and foal lived on my farm for some time and they were truly a pleasure. It is so hard to let my children go.

A quick thanks to Deborah M. who owns and runs the farm where my Dandy is stabled. I've been so busy of late, with little time for him but I never worry (but always feel guilty) because I know she is giving him such great care. On top of that his "Aunt Lori" (there are two lovelies named Lori at the barn and I'm the other one) always takes time to give him a scratch in just the right place. Probably both ladies load him up on carrots and cookies too. That's a good thing. Who doesn't like cookies?! MMMM...

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