Friday, April 14, 2006

Ebay Friday - Foal Frolic

Sweet, sweet Friday. If you are celebrating a holiday right now, may it truly be a blessed occasion for you. People all around the world are turning their thoughts to rebirth, freedom and all things new and fresh. It really is a wonderful time of year.

Keeping with the theme of spring and all things new, I have decided to auction this special little piece called "Foal Frolic". It is a 5"high x 7" wide oil painting on canvas that is beautifully framed. This piece has lovely texture and warm tones with a lively spontaneity. A young foal loves to test out his tiny little legs in a manner that is captivating and lightens the heart. I often need to remind myself that play is so important to creativity and growth. It is so easy to get caught up in being a serious adult and to stymie oneself. If this were a crime I would have a long record of offenses. Paintings like this remind me of the importance of lightheartedness.

Ebay auction starts Sunday night. Contact me before then if you would like to purchase "Foal Frolic" before the auction begins.

I would like to take a moment to thank my student and friend, Carolyn, for the wonderful compliment she gave me last evening. She had high words of praise for my efforts in art instruction. I should thank her really. I learn something new every time we meet. The teacher often becomes the student. As I see her work blossom I am reminded of what it takes to grow. Thanks Carolyn.

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