Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Lakes

This will be my final post from England. I must admit my heart is already breaking and it is only Saturday. My flight back isn't until Monday morning, I must stop torturing myself.

These photos were taken on Wednesday and Thursday in Grasmere at The Lakes. Rain held off until after we had the opportunity to walk up to where the waterfall was. Yes, there were more green hills and sheep. I am always amazed by the stone walls everywhere. So much stone and so many walls. I get tired just thinking about the work that was put into them. Sadly, you will not see the photo of me walking up to the waterfall. You could see the intense concentration on my face. I'm really afraid of heights but being here has helped with that some. Where's the photo you ask? The computer ate it unfortunately. Seriously, there was a bit of a malfunction and we lost the series of photos taken in Ambleside and during our little hike.

Anyway, I always have a certain level of frustration with photography. These photos, as lovely as they are, do not really show the grand sense of space and distance that truly exists when you visit places like this. With every photo that I took I would mutter "just not the same" under my breath. The camera lens flattens everything out. I have decided not to show some of the best photos from this trip and use them for paintings only. Perhaps the emotion will come across better in my art.

The lovely building is where we stayed. The hotel's name is Lancrigg and I thank the staff there for a wonderfully memorable stay. Please check out their website at It is a welcoming place with scrumptious vegetarian food. Our room was The Silver Howe. It is pictured on the site (the computer at that photo as well darn it.) Even if you are not a 'veggie' you would be astounded by the sumptuous meals and the relaxed and romantic atmosphere. It is definitely a place one gets the warm fuzzies. I will be back.

So, I'm off now to enjoy my last couple of days here. As much as I do not want to go home I am anxious to start on my new series of works inspired by this trip. I will try not to get too upset because I know I will be back.

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