Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wet Wool and Green Hills

Life has truly become an amazing journey for me recently. I could almost say "Lord, take me now," because I feel it just can't get any better than this but deep in my heart I know it will. I've been so blessed as to have been able to see such a beautiful place as this and to have been so welcomed by all that I have met here.

Not much time to comment on these photos as there is still a drop of wine in my glass and chocolate to be eaten. However, I won't leave you without a brief description. Everywhere I go there are either pastures of sheep or fields of potatoes growing. I can tell you that the wet wool on living sheep smells just as bad as one of my wet woollen sweaters. Kenton laughs when I get so excited to photograph the little lambs. Hey, I am an animal artist. Seriously, each time I turn my head there is another picturesque green vista with rolling hills. The photos of sheep and crags (with Kenton's back) were taken today at Higgar Tor. Kenton, much like myself, hates his photo taken. When I go back to the States I will have to remember him from images of his back. The photo of the cottage with the attack cat and the pics of the cemetery with Little John's grave were taken in Hathersage. This little village stole my heart. Can't you just see me there with my easel painting away?

I just want to thank Kenton's parents for a lovely afternoon and for being so kind. I was so nervous to meet them and they made me feel at ease immediately. Lunch was delicious and fun. Thank you.

Tomorrow we are off bright and early to The Lakes! More later...

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