Monday, May 15, 2006

Yes We Have Photos of England!

Here is a quick glimpse of the beginnings of my trip across the pond. The nature scenes give you an idea of what is just about outside the front door of where I am staying. As you can see everything is a beautiful green and there are plenty of lovely rolling hills. Even the cows were friendly.

The three cats are Charlie, Spike and Hobbes. Charlie is the one sitting in the window, Spike is the black one curled up and Hobbes is the stoic guy sitting outside. They are so friendly and keep watch of everything I do. Gracie should enjoy the scent of these kitties on all of my things.

I've also included a few photos of London. For the most part they are self explanatory. I just had to include the shot of the kids with the street performer. I had to laugh to myself because I swear I saw this dude in Key West when I played tourist there! People and things are different and the same all over the world I guess.

I think it is quite clear that I am already having a wonderful time and I still have a week to go! Oh yes, the man in the photo with me is Kenton. He is a great host and I'll quit there so as not to embarrass him. Hmm, looks as I've misplaced my passport.

More updates to come!

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