Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Win Some Lose Some

Last week I promised to show you how my recent experimental pieces were progressing. Well, the underpaintings went well but that is where the good news ends. As I continued to work on the piece shown here I found that this much detail, this soon really stifled me and it went downhill from there. I used to paint this way in college, when I was learning how to do book cover art. It always resulted in strong work then. However, now I realize that my work no longer lends itself to this type of technique. This is why you can never ask an artist how long a painting takes and get a straight answer. It is impossible to figure in the hundreds of hours working, experimenting and throwing away pieces to get the few that actually make it to public view. So, enjoy this piece as it is in its infancy and virtual life because this is the last anyone will ever see of it. Georgia O'Keeffe routinely burned all the pieces she considered not to be successful. So if you see a plume of smoke rising from behind my house, don't call the fire department just bring some marshmallows.

What's next on tap? I am going to continue with a few new series of works I have in mind that are more complicated and structured but still use my regular method of painting. I've also ordered new papers to do a series of works on paper featuring the landscape of Supwana Meadows.

Soulful Studios would like to thank the lovely ladies at the New Jersey Boxer Rescue for their caring, effort and understanding. They are truly angels. If you are looking to add a 4-legged family member to your home please check out this site and consider one of these wonderful pups just lookin' for love.

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