Thursday, January 24, 2008

Graphite Portrait of Mare and Foal - Sketch Stage

Once again I am making something out of nothing. Back during the end of summer I went out to take pictures of a mare and foal that were to be separated the very next day. Perhaps you remember my post with the photos taken while driving? These two were my reason for being out that day. The photos I came home with were less than I had hoped for but there was no turning back. I had to make this work and prayed that the art fairies would assist me.

The dilemma was that at this stage, mommy and baby were no longer really interested in each other yet, I had to create a pleasing image of the two of them for a portrait commission. I offered my client four options and this is the sketch that he chose.

The sketch is now on good archival paper and has about 25 hours worth of work invested into it. I will be posting images of the work in progress shortly. The finished horse portrait will be 16 x 20 on heavy archival paper.

I do believe the art fairies are lending a hand. Somehow when it counts they never let me down. I think they like the credit I give them.

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KleoPatra said...

You are such an incredible artist. This is lovely!