Thursday, May 22, 2008

Red Geraniums

Geraniums by Lori Levin "Red Geraniums"
sketch in moleskine
Geraniums by Lori Levin "Red Geraniums"
Oil on Canvas

Over a year ago I believe I posted "Red Impatiens", a little painting I did in my backyard. It was the first plein air painting I tried. That experience planted the seed of interest in painting outside. I've done more since then but of late I've been busy in the studio with pet portraits. I cannot post the one I'm working on now as it is a surprise gift and I am not sure if the recipient reads my blog. I took a break from studio work over the weekend to dust off my plein air skills. "Red Geraniums" is the result.

The lovely folks that purchased "Red Impatiens" purchased this piece. I created it with them in mind. I was so touched that they bought another of my works. Someone collecting my art is the ultimate form of flattery. I send out a big thank you to them!

Above, you can see the original sketch that prompted the painting. If you look closely you can see that the drawing did not include the small buds to the right. When I started the oil painting I noticed the composition no longer worked due to color. The red was so intense and only present in the left of the canvas that the right side seemed awkward. Back in my younger years I would have started over putting the red flowers dead center for balance. Now that I'm a little more experienced I knew that would only lead to a boring composition and boredom on my part. I solved the problem by adding a touch of red with the buds. Those little buds carry as much weight as two full blooms. That sends a message I think. I love that composition even more than the original. Here's to happy accidents. They always result in a better piece of art.


PhotoJoe said...

Again, I LOVE the sketch! I framed the itty-bitty painting you gave me, by the way.

KleoPatra said...

Gorgeous. And the red is so brilliant. i love what you did on "accident." (As we know, there ARE no accidents...)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. We are looking forward to the arrival of the real thing.