Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Return to the Marsh

Supawna Meadows "Return to the Marsh"
sketch in moleskine

I've been so busy enjoying my summer and working on the piece for the cover of Pet Companions Magazine that I started to lose my center. When that happens I force myself to take a break from the "to do" list of pet portraits and sit quietly and sketch. This activity really should be like my daily vitamin but like most things that seem like a luxury, I put it off for another time. That is always a big mistake.

So, to get my head together I returned to a spot I frequented last year. Early in July of 2007 I would spend time painting in the area of Supawna Meadows. Last year was a difficult time, this year is a different story. I wanted to see if things looked different to me with my fresh perspective on life.

Though this is only a sketch instead of a painting like last year's take on this scene, you can see that my vision is the same. What I found to be beautiful last year still struck me as worthy. However, it was the process that changed for me. I no longer feel pressure to get in a good piece of work. No. Now I just enjoy the activity of creation. Each time I do it I feel it is like a prayer being sung in thanks. I feel like I am doing what I was born to do. With that focus there is no expectation on the result. The funny thing is that the product usually shows my enthusiasm.

I take care of the quantity and God takes care of the quality.

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