Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Framed Fruits

Canine Partners for Life painting

Every now and then a client will be so kind as to show me what they've done with the art they've purchased from me. I was so blessed recently by someone that purchased the print of "Ripening Fruits" and had it professionally framed. I cannot tell you how tickeled I was to receive the photo of the finished product. It is sort of an out of body experience to see my work live in someone else's home. Don't you think it looks great?

Speaking of things looking great, my new website is really coming along. I cannot wait for the launch after all the hard work Christine from Websketching put into it. You will be able to purchase the "Ripening Fruits" print and many other items right from the website through PayPal just like other e-commerce sites. Soulful Studios really will be more than just pet portraits.

Currently I have resumed work on "The Veil" and am finishing a 9x12 oil of two cow heads. I have two commissions starting very soon and I must get ready for my booths for Cow Bingo and for the Greenwich Artisans' Faire. My new website will have a schedule page where you can always find information on where I will be. I have so many great things happening my head is spinning a bit. That is a nice change isn't it?


KleoPatra said...

Spin away!

i've been a fan of The Veil for some time.

Lookin' forward to the new Web site, Lori!


PhotoJoe said...

The new website sounds cool! Let me know when it's done.