Monday, August 18, 2008

The Game

I'm sorry to buttress my previous happy post with one of sadness. This weekend a great man passed away, Leroy Sievers. During my treatments and recovery I turned to his writings and those of his faithful readers for advice and understanding. As I've healed ,I still tuned in to remind me of the lessons I've learned and to cheer him on or to email my support. Though I knew the day would come, I was still shocked to see the words appear on the screen that his battle was over. In some ways, for his partner Laurie, the battle has just begun.

Normally I have a photo or picture for every post. None seem appropriate. No words seem right either.

All of this makes me think of how silly much of our daily lives are. We strive and push and try to do the right thing. We take ourselves rather seriously. The truth is life is a game. It doesn't make total sense and I have come to believe it is supposed to be that way. Trying to make sense of life will make you insane. I'm probably part way there after all the analyzing I've done. The best we all can do is to enjoy ourselves and be good to the other game players and then roll the dice. We move accordingly knowing all the while that sometimes skill or luck will bring winnings and other times we land on Park Place loaded with our opponent's hotels. The cycle goes on forever. Win or lose, the game keeps being played by you or somebody else. Period.

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