Monday, April 19, 2010

Pansies and Pollen

Soulful Studios Lori Levin
My last blog post featured a winter scene. Then, last year's pansies planted in the fall were shriveled and lifeless; today they are in full bloom and lush. That is how long it has been since I've visited my friends in cyberspace. I hope all is well and that everyone is beginning to feel the creative power of spring. If I were to be honest, I'm feeling the power of pollen more than of creativity at the moment.

For two weeks I've been walking around with tissues at the ready and my head in the clouds (not in a good way). With stamina lacking, I've used this time to finish a large painting and plan a few small ones. Times like these force me to focus on improving my work because energy must be used wisely. Maturity brings me to trim the fat and forgo anything that doesn't get right to the point. I'm seeing everything in work and life in that light. This outlook is exciting because it will bring forth boldness and confidence.

The photo above shows the large painting I just finished and a commission I've been working on occasionally. In the background, dear Brady watches the birds from his post. Originally that rocking chair was mine. If you live with animals you know how your favorite spot can be lost to other warm bodies. I used to sit there daily. Now I'm lucky if I can push him away long enough to relax. That dog makes me chuckle daily with his bossy behavior. Everyone should have a Brady take over their studio. I recommend it highly.

Once again Soulful Studios will be a part of "Arts In Bloom" spring studio and gallery tour in Salem County. May 22nd and 23rd from 10-6 Saturday and 12-6 Sunday I will have my studio doors open to the public showing many new works never shown and some of your old favorites too. Works in progress will also be on display. The following weekend I will be packing up and going to Oxford, Maryland for their 26th Annual Fine Arts Fair where I've been invited to display my art. I'm very excited about that as well and must thank Alex Alampi for sharing the information about this show with me. If you would like to see his amazing work please visit Gallery 50 in Bridgeton before May 3rd for his solo exhibit or stop by his studio during Arts In Bloom.

That's all for now folks. Back to my tissues and paint brushes...

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Artist said...

love your landscape painting there!! looks so real! i want to reach out and touch the trees!!