Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Airedale Dog Portrait - More of Max

pet portrait by Lori Levin
Pet Portrait by Soulful Studios
graphit dog portrait progression photos

Almost there folks. Some pieces literally draw themselves. For my readers who are learning about art or are curious about the process, I'll explain.

This dog portrait had a lot in its favor from the start. The head was already at a three-quarter angle. Airedales have great wiry coats that lend to lots of detail and fun pencil strokes. Max's coloring has many different tones and values that allow me to easily model and render the image, making it not only interesting but three dimensional. His face has a natural smile that is charming and his eyes sparkle. Finally, his owners are positive people who appreciate the process and allow me to work freely. Put this all together and you have a very enjoyable commission to create.

Please come back soon to Soulful Studios to see the final installment of Max's pet portrait. Let me know what you think.

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Artist said...

this is a great start! i find animals very hard to draw! you have been able to capture the life behind his smile and eyes!